iris apfel is trying to make wearable tech happen

Is the 93 year old it-girl the spark wearable tech needs to finally catch on?

by i-D Staff
14 January 2016, 1:15am

Wearable tech feels like the new hovercar: it's the way of the future that's perennially around the corner, but never manages to truly take off. While we've (almost) given up on our dreams of a floating Ferrari, brands are trying to make wearable tech happen more than ever before. The latest label to have a go of it, WiseWear, are making a pretty solid effort.

They've enlisted the eternally stylish Iris Apfel to help release a collection of "smart jewellery". That means bracelets that do more than sit on your wrists. Their brainy bangle performs two main functions: it can send out a distress signal, and it also aims to track your step count, the distance you travel daily, and the number of calories all that movement burns. Basically, it wants to make you safer and skinnier. 

I-D MEETS IRIS: iris apfel, 93 year-old it girl, doesn't do pretty

Will Iris' effort take off? There's no telling. The main problem that's plauged luxury wearable tech is the speed at which technology now evolves. When software moves forward at what feels like the speed of light, consumers aren't too keen on investing in a luxe piece when the hardware could become obsolete within a year. But if anyone's going to make it work, it's probably Iris.


Photography Kathy Lo

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