a new sensation: tackling the trials of london life through art

A new exhibition bringing together 20 of London’s most exciting emerging artists for one night only.

by Lula Ososki
10 June 2016, 10:19pm

Campbell Addy

The many issues faced by young creatives in London today do not make it an easy place to live. From crippling student fees to rising rent prices, those that are holding together the foundations of what makes London a cultural melting pot are constantly told they are being priced out of the city. Despite this, there is still an abundance of talented young artists standing their ground, armed with the spirit and camaraderie needed to tackle the city's many obstacles. A New Sensation is a one-night exhibition bringing together some of London's most exciting artists to show that against all odds, the city's unique art scene has a place in London and it's there to stay.

Co-curated by Ashleigh Kane and Grace Miceli, the exhibition will have 20 works on show spanning photography, painting, video, poetry and illustration from a variety of different artists. Adama Jalloh celebrates London's PoC hair salons, Hetty Douglas has created a new work for the show tapping into modern love, Reuben Dangoor turns grime MCs into noblemen and Maisie Cousins delves into the beauty of the body. Other London talents exhibiting include Campbell Addy, Ronan Mckenzie, Polly Nor, Laura Callaghan, Nadine Ijewere, Antonia Marsh, Joe Holbrook, Adama Jalloh, Delilah Holliday, Liv Thurley, Eleanor Hardwick, Steph Wilson, Hannah Regel, Ayesha Tan Jones, Chloe Sheppard, Francesca Allen and Rachel Hodgson.

Maisie Cousins

Co-Curator of the exhibition, Ashleigh Kane, hopes the exhibition will open a positive dialogue around the struggles that Londoners face, providing space to celebrate and connect with the talent of those that deal with them. "The main reason for doing this show, for me, is to get a bunch of my friends and extended family, or artists I admire, and take a strength in numbers approach to tackle the miserable climate we are constantly reminded of living in this majestic city. We are so lucky, but then we have the weather, the cost of living, the government…. we have a lot of problems, as does any other city." Says Ashleigh. "But while that makes up the theme of the exhibition, we don't want us to dwell on these issues. Through incredible and thought-provoking art, we're acknowledging all this shit that we go through but also its two-fingers up to it in the best way we know how."

Curating the exhibition alongside Ashleigh is Grace Miceli, who runs Art Baby Gallery in New York. "What really matters to me is being able to create a community, I think we learn the most from each other when we get the chance to collaborate. I've curated quite a few shows in NYC over the past year but it's a challenge to do it in a new environment."

Ayesha Tan Jones

Ronan McKenzie

Delilah Holliday

A New Sensation is being held Downstairs at Mother on Thursday 16 June, 7pm­11pm. All works will be on sale with prices available on the night.


Text Lula Ososki