antonia marsh’s still life show explores the strange associations we attach to objects

Featuring glittery cowboy hats, ads for sex workers, grills, snails and more.

Tish Weinstock

Matilde Soes Rasmussen

As Gertrude Stein famously wrote in her now iconic poem, Sacred Emily, "A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose". The line was in response to the question, "What's in a name?" uttered by one of literature's most unlucky lovers, Romeo Montague. Taking our little history lesson even further, Shakespeare's immortal question itself refers to the great Greek philosopher Aristotle's Law of Identity, which was essentially to do with the unique associations we attach to inanimate objects, which ­-- to cut a long story short­ -- is the very premise of writer and curator Antonia Marsh's new group show.

Rebecca Storm

Focusing specifically on the still life genre, A_ is A_ gathers the work of some of the most exciting young artists from both sides of the pond, including Tom Beard, Tristan Pigott, Carly Mark, Kate Falcone and Othello Gervacio. "For me this exhibition is particularly exciting because it brings together a lot of the artists I've worked with in NYC and LA as well as local artists based in Europe," explains Antonia. "No two works are similar. The myriad processes and materials artists are using to look at the still life is astounding. While engaging with a perhaps more traditional theme, these new approaches ­-- as well as a much more relevant contemporary subject matter -- really prove that the still life can still figure as a valid field of inquiry in art."

Carly Mark

So whether you dig Aristotle, fancy Romeo, or just want to see some pictures of snails, sex worker ads, grills and a glittery cowboy hat, why not join us in filling the blanks? All together now: A_ is A_ …

A_ is A_ is showing at West London's Golborne Gallery until 18th May


Text Tish Weinstock