a close reading of beyoncé’s instagram introducing the twins to the world

We go deep, real deep. The size of Beyoncé’s forefingers in relation to the twins’ feet deep.

by Georgie Wright
16 July 2017, 10:10am

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

What were you doing at one month of age? It's likely that you weren't doing much other than snuggling Aunty Brenda and dribbling.

Beyoncé's twins are not. Beyoncé's twins, on their one month birthday, are starring in a Bey-stagram announcing their names and existence officially to the world and garnering 4,887,957 likes at the time of writing. The twins are also being cradled by Beyoncé, in itself is a life achievement that we could only dream of achieving in our own lowly life.

An in depth reading of the semiotics of the image, if you please:

Beyoncé is shrouded in a purple gown. Purple, you may know, is the colour of royalty. Say no more.

The babies names are Sir and Rumi. This 'gram makes it Official with a capital O, and crucially, announces the correct pronunciation. It is "Sir Carter," (note the Carter). Beyoncé and Jay-Z have cut the bullshit and straight up called him Sir Carter. Rumi, on the other hand, is just "Rumi" (note the lack of Carter). Because like Björk, Cher, Rihanna, and Beyoncé herself, Rumi is a superstar and therefore surnames are redundant.

The picture is basically the same as the one announcing her pregnancy but now includes babies. A bright colour palette; lots of flowers; lush fabrics; an expert smize. Beyoncé's twins, everybody -- the youngest kids in the world to already have an established personal insta brand.

The caption announces that 'Sir Carter and Rumi' are '1 month today,' making the twins' birthday June 13th. This makes them Geminis. As this piece by Broadly highlights, people were nervous about this prospect. Geminis are the internet's least favourite star sign, and if you know anything, you know you don't want to be the internet's least favourite anything. If there's anyone who can reverse the negative connotations of Geminis, it is obviously Beyoncé and her babies. Also, the fact that Beyoncé gave birth to twins in the sign of the twins is only further evidence that Beyoncé has power over things that are normally beyond human control. Like the time she played in London last year and it literally started raining when Bey sang Prince's Purple Rain. And then it stopped raining straight after.

If you zoom in close to the belly area (and we know you did too), you will see that Beyoncé's two fingers are cradling the foot of one of the children. Yes, the length of Rumi or Sir's (we can't tell the diff tbh) entire foot is just over of the width of two of Beyoncé's fingers. We're not sure what this says except that they are very small and very cute, which is to be expected from the Holy Offspring of Bey-Z.

We could keep going, because there is just so much to unpack in this photo. But we won't, because we have shit to do.


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