rapper future on shopping, style and sneakers

Hot on the heels of his FUTURE and HNDRXX releases, i-D grabbed five minutes with the rapper and Reebok collaborator as we flew over the Atlantic Ocean!

by i-D Staff
13 March 2017, 9:25pm

Future is arguably the biggest rapper on the planet right now. He made history in February as his 6th and 7th studio albums FUTURE and HNDRXX, released just a week apart, went number one on the Billboard charts consecutively and this past weekend, announced his Nobody Safe Tour that he will embark on this summer across the USA. He's also taken on as creative collaborator for Reebok, who in celebration of the new Zoku Runner, created a multi-event experience which saw Future take to Village Underground for an exclusive performance, then take i-D (amongst others) on a private jet to the heart of NYC for an in-store event the next night. High in the sky, we nestled into our seats and grabbed five minutes with him to talk shopping, style, his 1000+ sneaker collection and who he'd ideally give a pair of the Zoku Runners to.

You have a very unique style, where does your interest in fashion come from?
My interest in fashion comes from me stepping outside my comfort zone at times to make a great outfit. I look to fashion shows, to see what different designers have come up with. I also shop a lot.

Do you get to shop a lot when you are touring?
I always shop when I get a chance. Even if it's an hour or two. It's like exercise. You gotta shop to stay up on the trends.

Who is someone you consider to be a style icon?
Giorgio Armani. He's been along for such a long time and he still designs his own clothes.

How does style differ between the different places that you go?
There are similarities as well as differences. The way people layer things up, the textures. The way different designers interpret things, it's really interesting to me.

Sneakers are always pride of place on your Instagram. Do you know how many pairs you have?
Over 1000. They are everywhere. Mainly in my house but I have hundreds of shoes in suitcases that I haven't even unpacked. I just buy more stuff. Like when I went to South Africa, I didn't even unpack the suitcase.

When you were a kid, were you obsessed with sneakers as well?
When I could afford it. I would spend my last bit of money on a pair of sneakers.

Do you have an early memory of Reebok?
I remember being with my mum and wanting a pair. They were right at the $100 mark so I could get those. One time, they had a deal, 2 for $80 and I had a chance to get two!

What sort of person do you see in the Zoku Runner?
You know, someone like Lenny Kravitz, he'd be a good one. He has a good style, and I don't think I have ever seen him in a pair of sneakers.

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