read frank ocean's latest tumblr post: a thank-you to obama, a warning for trump

'Don't cook the books Donald. We all know your event was dry.'

by Isabelle Hellyer
23 January 2017, 2:39pm

Frank Ocean has shared his thoughts on the presidential inauguration through Tumblr, voicing many of the same feelings we've had over the past 48 hours. "I'm really excited for these Inauguration crowd numbers to come in," the artist opened, highlighting the poor turnout for Trump. 

Attendance numbers have already proved a contentious topic, with White House press secretary Sean Spicer citing tarps as the reason the crowd Trump drew appeared so much smaller than Obama's: "This was the first time in our nation's history that floor coverings were used to protect the grass. That had the effect of highlighting areas where people are not standing."

Frank's response? "Don't cook the books either Donald. We all know your event was dry." The artist continued, "The world can see America divided and the chaos in the streets." Towards the end of the note, Frank praised Barack Obama, writing "The majority knows man, we know you did good. We see it. The majority sees Donald for who he is too. He ain't slick."

"It's too bad the majority doesn't count," Frank concluded, in a sly criticism of the superdelegate system. Read the full note here


Photography Todd Cole
[i-D, The Royalty Issue, No. 318, Spring 12]

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