farren fucci’s 10-step guide to looking good

From Bella Hadid to Rihanna, Farren Fucci has been there, done that, and pretty much styled them all. Forget buying the T-shirt, he reinvented it. A long way away from posting his dream looks on Polyvore, Farren is steadily carving out a reputation for...

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26 April 2017, 2:06pm

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The most important thing people should know about me is that I am much more than a "stylist". I hate being labelled that. I am a creative in all forms. I grew up in a kind of nomadic way. I was born in Santa Monica, California and lived there until I was about five or six, and from there I moved to Rochester, NY, then made my way to North Carolina, Atlanta, and Virginia. Growing up, I always stayed to myself. My favorite thing to do was to come home, go into my room, and imagine. My bedroom has been turned into so many different things. Being a loner, my mind became my escape. That has really helped me creatively because I have an archive of crazy worlds and ideas locked away in my mind that I can tap into.

To be a stylist is to have a passion not only for fashion, but for your client. A big sense of why I believe I have become so successful is because my aesthetic is greatly tied to a purpose, a message. The love and respect I have for women pushes me that much harder when it comes to making them feel sexy and fashionable. The feeling I get when my clients are in the mirror posing, smiling, and downright feeling it, lets me know that I am doing it right. If your client isn't confident that she's the baddest in the room, try again.

yeah, das me. the girl drake cries about in all his songs.

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1. It starts inside
Everything starts with the inside and how you feel about yourself. That's directly reflected in how you wear clothes. Hold your head up high, put on your best "resting bitch face", and say to yourself, "I'm that b*",  before you step out. Be your own hype man/woman.

2. Do your own thing
A lot of times you will catch yourself comparing others to you. Stop that! Also stop letting people try to tell you what you should or shouldn't like. Your style is your style and your input should be held on a pedestal WAY above anyone else's.

3. Make a soundtrack
Music is not only therapeutic, it's inspiring. Make a "Flyest B* in Heels" playlist or something of the sort. An array of tunes that evoke feelings, preferably good ones.

Perfect your craft. Go on YouTube, watch make-up tutorials, DIY videos, etc. There's a cesspool of information right at your fingertips on the World Wide Web and it can help you with your look.

5. Skincare
Good skin is the most important factor in looking good. Everyone's skin has a different temperament, so it's best to see a dermatologist to get the treatment that's best for you and yours.

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6. Karma and chi
Being a good person and putting positive energy into the world can only positively effect your life. Not only when it comes to your look, but your life in general. The energy you put into the world always comes back to you in full force. Energy matters.

7. Avoid people who are drama
I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

8. There's nothing wrong with a little narcissism
Be so into yourself and your own agenda, that you don't have the time to worry about what someone else is doing. Every second you spend in life should be devoted to yourself and your advancement in life. Energy spent being negative and worrying about the next person is energy wasted.

9. Never give up
Ambition is one of the most magnetic accessories. It lights up every room and inspires people more than any article of clothing. Always go after what you want with fervency.

10. Let go of negative energy
Anything around you that you feel is holding you back from your end goal: let it go. For the longest time, I was allowing outside influences to distract me from my dreams. As soon as I let those things go, flourishing came in abundance. You can't make room for new, more positive things if you're keeping your plate full of grudges.


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