the woman who invented ‘on fleek’ is launching a cosmetics line

Peaches Monroee never received a cent for her contribution to modern language, so now she’s out to claim her own rewards.

by Wendy Syfret
21 February 2017, 5:47pm

When Peaches Monroee posted a six-second clip praising her eyebrows on Vine three years ago, she probably didn't think it would change language as we know it. While her name isn't exactly widely known, her signature phrase "eyebrows on fleek" — part of the original statement "We in this bitch, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek. Da fuck?" — is embedded in today's internet speak.

Beyond being an excellent meme-muse, Peaches has more recently spurred a wider conversation of how the internet metabolizes, and fails to credit, the creations of individuals. Speaking to The Fader in 2015, Peaches reflected: "I can't explain the feeling. At the moment I haven't gotten any endorsements or received any payment. I feel that I should be compensated. But I also feel that good things happen to those who wait."

Now Peaches — whose given name is Kayla Newman — is tired of waiting and is taking matters into her own hands by preparing to use her brush with fame to launch a cosmetics and hair line. Currently studying nursing, she says the business will help her fulfill her "wishes and dreams," and obviously help with the always pressing cost of being a student.

She's set up a GoFundMe page to raise $100,000 dollars to make this all possible. There she also laments: "Everyone has used the phrase/word ['eyebrows on fleek'], but I haven't received any money behind it or recognition." If you've ever described anything as being "on fleek," you might seriously consider paying your respects and making a donation to help her reach her goal. After all, we really need her take on a brow pencil.


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