this is real parisian street style, straight up

Forget the clichés, there's not a beret or Breton stripe in sight. i-D France hit the streets to shoot the next gen of Paris style.

by i-D Staff
05 April 2017, 10:50am

Lean Chihiro, 17

What do you do? 
I'm a student, I play music and I started making video art a few months ago. 

What are you wearing? 
Today I'm wearing a pink sweater, a tracksuit by Human With Attitude and a pair of white Adidas Climacool.

What's your interest in fashion? 
I'm fascinated by Japan so I have a thing for extravagant clothes. Japanese fashion will most likely always influence my style, even unconsciously.

What's one thing you'd like to change about the world? 
If I could change one thing in the world, I would eradicate -- or at least reduce -- social inequalities. I've never understood why I have access to unlimited tap water at home while millions are desperate for just a drop of it. Seriously, I don't understand.

Léo Mattei, 18, and Jules Leroy, 18

What do you do?
Léo: I'm on sabbatical and taking the opportunity to party, meet new people and take time to do what I really love.
Jules: I switch between days at school and sabbatical days where I write stuff... stories, scenarios, songs, while sipping a beer and sending my most devastating glances to women passing by.

What are you wearing? 
Jules: A leather jacket that weighs two tonnes (guarantee of its quality), a T-shirt with a lenticular image showing a kind of 'cyber-face' from Guerrisol. Orange construction trousers stolen from Popline's [below] mother. And my DMs an ex gave me. She had very good taste.
Léo: I'm wearing my favourite camo trousers, my mate Romeo's bomber jacket, and T-shirt I bought in a joke shop. And my casual DMs.

What is it about Paris that inspires you?
Jules: I find Paris inspiring with the smell arising from the pavement when it rains, the glances of people in the metro, the constant hubbub when I open my bedroom window. All those little things. I am an easy-going guy.
Léo: People's state of mind, Paris nightlife, my friends.

Where do you party?
Jules: During week nights I like to hang around in different areas of Paris with my friends, drinking cheap beer. On weekends, I disconnect by going to punk concerts in a Vincennes squat, or I dance to techno music for 24-hours at a rave.
Léo: During the week I sit in a bar or a park with a beer and my friends. On weekends, I am a big fan of free parties. In winter, I go to warm places to listen to hardcore techno.

Louise Raust, 17 and Myssia Ghosn, 17

What do you do? 
Louise: I'm a high school student in the UK; I study art, theatre and photography.
Myssia: I am in my final year of high school.

What are you wearing?
Louise: Pink trousers with a blue-green Nike T-shirt and my tiny pink bag.
Myssia: I'm wearing a pink leopard print top, and oversized camo trousers.

What is it about this city that inspires you?
Louise: Everything in Paris is inspiring. The street, the monuments... What is awesome in Paris is that even if you feel like you know the city, you always discover some little back alley or some new hidden place.
Myssia: I find the Paris lifestyle inspiring.

Where do you party in Paris?
Louise: We don't go out in a specific place, we're more like venturing into Paris, but we usually don't go back to the same places; except for the Canal Saint-Martin in République when we don't know where to go, it is rare though -- I don't much like hanging out over there.
Myssia: I can party anywhere as long as I like the spot.

What one thing do you want to change about the world?
Louise: There are many things I would like to change in the world. The gap between the rich and poor is too big, unfortunately. People starve while we are spending our money on clothes and worthless stuff.
Myssia: If I could change one thing in the world, it would be private property.

Tidian Diop Gonzalez, 17

What do you do?
I'm a fashion student and I recently launched my own brand. I do dress-making, fashion design and photography.

What are you wearing?
A designer coat, trousers from my own brand Cartel, jewellery, a Gucci belt, a Xuly Bet fishnet T-shirt, a Dior bag, chains and Buffalo shoes.

What's your interest in fashion?
For as long as I can remember, I've always been doing fashion sketches.

Where do you go out in Paris? 
At night I go out wherever the wind takes me, to be honest!

Tanguy Ezeque, 18 and Emma Flamme (Effly), 17

What do you do?
Tanguy: I'm a high school student in Val de Fontenay.
Effly: I am an economics student at Turgo High School.

What are you wearing?
Tanguy: I am wearing Supreme and Converse sneakers.
Effly: My grandmother's blood-red cashmere sweater with a leather jacket I stole from my boyfriend and striped flared trousers I found in my mum's closet.

What's your interest in fashion?
Tanguy: I'm very interested in luxury fashion and streetwear; I like to see the new trends, the evolution of fashion through the last years and the history of great brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Goyard...
Effly: I've been a big fashion fan since I was a child. My grandmother used to be a model and she had a clothing brand with our name. Fashion is my own way to express myself.

What is it about this city that inspires you?
Tanguy: I find Paris' architecture and its beauty -- especially at night -- very inspiring.

Where do you party in Paris?
Tanguy: I often go out to my mates' places or bars around Oberkampf/Bastille because the atmosphere there is cool.
Effly: We look for squats to organise our own free parties or we just chill out in a flat.

Harry, 16

What are you wearing?
A customised jacket by Chamalet, jeans by Enechoi and a Supreme hoodie. 

How would you describe your style?
Swag School.

What's your interest in fashion?
I hope to make it my job soon.

Where do you party?
Trap every day. 

Popline Fichot, 17 and Clara De Lataillade, 19

What do you do?
Clara: I am a visual communications student, I am passionate about graphic design; I love to create contrast in my works. I also go out a lot and I do what I like with my mates, always with a cold beer. 
Popline: I'm in economics high school in my final year, I draw, I visit construction sites and I light cigarettes.

What are you wearing?
Clara: Dr Martens, camo trousers, a biker top I found at Guerrisol in Barbès (which is dear to my heart by the way) under a Misbhv T-shirt with a pattern I love and a little suede jacket that used to belong to my mother.
Popline: I am wearing faux leather trousers that I ripped and taped up, a long black leather coat and leather platform shoes. A tribal T-shirt, red fishnets on my hands and chains, my hoop earrings, my pins...

How do your friends describe you?
Clara: As a funny, reserved and engaging person, rarely without a beer, incredibly lazy and selfish when it comes to sharing my food.
Popline: My friends describe me as always hanging around in unlikely places, and optimistic.

Where do you party in Paris?
Clara: I chose between friends' places, mucking around in the streets, or dancing to techno music in a club. But what I like most is free parties that last until 4pm the day after. 
Popline: I go out to free parties, punk concerts, chilled soirées, squats, techno parties.

Anouchka Mbia, 18

What do you do?
I am an applied arts school student.

What are you wearing?
I'm wearing a denim top, flared jeans and a pair of Nike sneakers.

How do your friends describe you?
My friends describe me as a ray of sunlight, enthusiastic, smiley and giver of good advice. And talkative.

What's the most inspiring thing about Paris?
To me, the most inspiring thing in Paris is my friends. I love going to Porte de Clignancourt, it's a very cosmopolitan area. I also like the area around Beaubourg, where I often walk.

Where do you party?
I go out everywhere, I go along with everybody. But I prefer little soirées with a few friends than big parties.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I come from a poor neighbourhood; I see my area getting more and more gentrified through the years and I would like the newcomers to respect the former residents more, despite the social differences.


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