donald trump's modeling agency is closing

While the company claims it is focusing on other business ventures, reports allege industry backlash left it on the brink of collapse.

by Wendy Syfret
11 April 2017, 1:46pm

Last week it was reported that Donald Trump's modeling agency was in serious trouble. Many of its clients were said to be leaving to join Anti Management — a new venture by Gabriel Ruas Santos-Rocha, a former manager at Trump Model Management. Now it looks like the 18-year-old Trump agency — which represents Yasmin Le Bon, Ali McGraw, Carol Alt, and Pat Cleveland — is preparing to close for good.

Previously, Trump Model Management had been the focus of media attention for its history of employing foreign models who allegedly violated immigration. The practice was in stark contrast to the president's inflammatory stance against illegal immigrants and workers in the U.S. 

Mother Jones has obtained a leaked email from the company sent to associates around the world telling them to prepare for its closure. Agency president Corinne Nicolas wrote, "The Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry." She sights the sale of the Miss Universe Organization and the company's decision to focus on other Trump businesses as the cause of the decision, although it has widely been reported that the agency was already on the verge of collapse due to industry backlash.


Text Wendy Syfret
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