young photographers explore the diversity of beauty today: part three

What does beauty mean to our favourite young photographers? As part of Beauty Week, we asked the new generation of image makers to explore diversity, body image, and the changing perceptions of beauty with their cameras. In Part Three, Zachary Chick...

by i-D Staff
01 June 2017, 10:24pm

"Sleeping and in our waking moments is as close as we come to being at peace with ourselves. These photographs represent a specific time of everyones day that I feel we most commonly find ourselves in what I believe to be our most beautiful state. Honest, unprepared and vulnerable." Sam Hiscox 

Photography Sam Hiscox

"The word beauty is perhaps the most coveted, influential and powerful single word, yet it also implies something so undefinable. Beauty represents opposing emotions; pleasure, pain, happiness and sadness. Whether just meeting your first love, or remembering them with longing; giving birth or crying over a death. Beauty is witnessing free emotion at its breaking point." Zachary Chick

Photography Zachary Chick

"In my experience beauty is the beginning of interest, without it we would never choose to investigate any further." Rory DCS

Photography Rory DCS

"Beauty is living exactly as you are. I think for me I'm a very optimistic person. So there's beauty in that." Tyler Mitchell

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Photography Tyler Mitchell

"Beauty transcends physicality - when I feel someone is genuinely beautiful, it is because they have moved me in some way." Rose Maisie Willoughby 

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Photography Rose Maisie Willoughby 

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Rory DCS
Tyler Mitchell
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