​listen to the debut track from the artists behind anal house meltdown

And catch the first club play of Death Drive by Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib and George Henry Longly at the Chapter 10 and Anal House Meltdown party on Saturday.

by Charlotte Gush
16 October 2015, 12:58pm

Eddie PeakePrem Sahib and George Henry Longly, the London-based artists behind club night Anal House Meltdown have released their debut record, a 13 minute long peak-time electronic club odyssey. Released today, Death Drive features vocals and production from all three artists and co-production from their long time collaborator Tim Goalen. The single is a co-release from Eddie Peake's record label HYMN and The Vinyl Factory.

So, by day, check out Eddie Peake's show The Forever Loop at the Barbican, Prem Sahib's Side On at the ICA and End Up at Southard Reid, and look forward to George Henry Longly's 2016 show at Red Bull Studios in New York. By night, catch the first club play of Death Drive at the Chapter 10 and Anal House Meltdown party at Corsica Studios on Saturday.

Ahead of the big party, i-D caught up with Eddie, Prem and George to get the low down on Death Drive...

What is the appeal of making music, as an artist?
We don't tend to distinguish between what we do in our studios when making art and doing shows etc, and doing clubby music-y things. It all sits under the umbrellas of what we do as artists, and we've all worked extensively with music and sound as integral elements of our exhibitions in galleries. It's just one possible outlet among many. However, when we started Anal House Meltdown, we always knew that something we eventually wanted to do was make music that we could play at the night.

Is it an extension of your art, or something separate?
It is a part of our work as artists, but it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge that there is a gaping difference between the way that people behave, interact and engage with both other people and the 'work' at a club night as opposed to at an art gallery. The two very different environments and ways of making work have fed into our respective ways of exhibiting though, by which I mean that clubs, clubbing, DJing etc has come to be an integral source material for each of our individual ways of making art and exhibiting, and that in turn feeds back into the way that we approach Anal House Meltdown, both as a club night and in terms of the music we are currently making.

What were you inspired by?
We were inspired by the parties we've thrown over the last three years, and in particular there is a sequence from the track that is very directly lifted from a part of a performance we did during the first ever AHMD night in 2011, during which a group of men chanted a crescendoing non-verbal vocal sound in synchronisation with one another, whilst the venue was entirely pitch black. More generally than that though, we wanted the track to have the feeling of covetous desire that can be induced by the experience of being in nightclubs.

Tell us about the track artwork and the title, Death Drive?
It's quite an aggressive sounding title, which we liked, but we also liked the idea that it harks to, of an extreme way of pursuing pleasure that might involve very dangerous risk, and how that might be facilitated by a party or nightclub type setting. As far as the artwork, we made it with a group of our friends and lovers in a fairly organic way, simply choreographing their bodies and ways of interacting.

Where should the track to be played?
It is very specifically made to be played at clubs, and even more specifically at our club night. But we would love if it developed a life for itself beyond that.

Death Drive by Anal House Meltdowns is being co-released by The Vinyl Factory and HYMN on Friday 16th October. Buy vinylBuy digital.

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