​judy blame, gary card and zowie broach talk fashion craft in a digital world

During London Fashion Week, the panel of creatives discuss their different experiences of having work stolen online.

by Charlotte Gush
22 September 2015, 11:57am

In the third instalment of the London Fashion Week Talk Series presented by American Express, the British Fashion Council have lined up a stellar panel of makers and creators to discuss craft and creativity in the digital age.

Stylist, accessories designer and top Instagrammer Judy Blame, set designer extraordinaire Gary Card, Head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art Zowie Broach, fashion journalist Paul Tierney, Lauren Bowker from The Unseen, and architect Ludovico Lombardi focus on the issue of people copying their work from images they publish online or on social media.

"I've been ripped off loads," says Card. "Certainly there is a high street shop that I walk past every once in a while, at least twice a year, and I know exactly where they got their latest window," he adds, explaining that, "It's frustrating to see something copied so directly and shamelessly, but they're also a client!". "It's just bad karma," Blame responds, adding, "I'm not running out of ideas. Have 'em! Have some more while you're about it, why don't ya!"

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