​patrick grant wants to save the textile industry

The E Tautz designer and Savile Row tailor wants to create sustainable clothes and help promote British industry.

by Tish Weinstock
19 February 2016, 5:30pm

Community Clothing is the latest project from fashion designer and Savile Row yailor, Patrick Grant. Set up as a social clothing initiative, which features a small collection of both men's and women's wear, the British designer aims to create sustainable clothes whilst reinvigorating and supporting the British textile industry, by creating jobs and enhancing civic pride. "In Britain we have a proud tradition of making the very finest textiles and the very best clothes. But the British clothing industry faces all sorts of serious challenges. For several months every year even the best British factories are nowhere near full. This can lead to seasonal hiring and firing, zero hours contracts, or worse - factory closures'', says Grant. Starting as an online store, Grant is hoping to open the first Community Clothing shop this summer; production will begin in March with delivery to customers in July. "I believe that everyone in Britain should be able to afford to buy exceptional quality British made clothes, and to play their own part in sustaining and creating British jobs. Community Clothing will make British clothes affordable to all. I also feel passionately that at the heart of great communities lie great employers and that at the heart of personal pride lies a great job. Community Clothing will support great employers and great workers in communities across Britain." Watch this space.




Photography Mitchell Sams

e tautz
patrick grant