peta buy stake in lvmh

They’re planning to take the exotic skin trade down from the inside.

by Felix Petty
16 January 2017, 2:11pm

A recent PETA expose highlighted the horrific conditions crocodiles are kept in before before being turned into handbags and shoes. Vietnam exports about 30,000 crocodile skins for the fashion industry every year, and PETA went undercover at one which supplies them to Louis Vuitton, finding the crocs confined to small and inhospitable enclosures for 15 months before being slaughtered. It even found that some enclosures were narrower than the length of their bodies. Most distressingly, the expose found out the animals are sometimes even skinned whilst still alive.

"Every PETA exposé of the exotic-skins industry has found that sensitive living beings are crammed into filthy pits, hacked apart, and left to die," PETA Director Elisa Allen said in a statement today, that announced the news that they'd bought a stake in LVMH in order to highlight the treatment of the animals, and put pressure on the company to reform. "From demonstrating on the street or speaking up in the boardroom, PETA and our international affiliates will push LVMH to stop selling any bag, watch strap, or shoe made from a reptile's skin."

The last PETA expose into crocodile farms also drew controversy, specifically to Hermes, maker of the iconic Birkin Bag. Jane, the bag's namesake, spoke out and asked for her name to be removed from the bag after the crocodiles used to make the bag were also found be living in appalling conditions. It takes two to three of the animals to make the $300,000 product. Jane later dropped her protest, after Hermes agreed to reform the way they treat animals.


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