raf simons wants you to rethink your selfies

"If you work on that level, you miss out on a lot of things.”

by Matthew Whitehouse and Hannah Butterworth
12 April 2016, 5:22am

Foto: Willy Vanderperre

Last year Raf Simons stepped down as creative director of Dior; now the Belgian fashion designer has announced he's stepping down from social media. We're just going to say sorry in advance for forgetting your next birthday Raf.

In an interview with Talib Choudry from the Daily Telegraph, Raf came clean about his struggles with the increasingly fast-paced fashion industry: "There's this huge debate about 'Oh my God, should we sell the garments the day after the show or three days after the show or should we Tweet it in this way or Instagram it in that way?'… You know, all that kind of bullshit."

It appears the industry titan has been reflecting on how the internet has changed the traditional fashion journey for some time: "Fashion has become such a big thing. When you are just a kid from the streets somewhere you start slowly, maybe with just two people watching and then 10 and 50 and 100. These days that can grow really fast. Suddenly millions of people are watching." He's hardly the first designer to critic the evolving system; in February Karl Lagerfeld called the industry a "mess" when speaking to Imran Amed from the Business of Fashion.

Continuing to Talib Raf reflects that this frenzied pace was partially responsible for his decision to leave Dior, "It is a very beautiful house and it was incredible to be able to take part in that heritage, but in the end it was just too much for me". Later adding, "Every season I see so many things evolving at such a speed that I think certain creative people, including myself, are just not willing to do it any more. I don't want to. If you work on that level, you miss out on a lot of things." 


Photography Willy Vanderperre

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