vetements teddybear slippers are your furry fall essential

Are the alpaca blend slippers the new goth Croc?

by Jack Sunnucks
14 August 2019, 5:55pm

Midway through August, one’s thoughts inevitably start to slide inexorably towards Labor Day, the demise of summer, and the beginning of school. Back to school dread persists even if one is, ahem, old — as the horror of education never fades. At least, it definitely doesn’t for Vetements, as the label is releasing a series of just-got-out-of-bed classics in time for the new scholastic season. First up is the alpaca blend teddybear backpack, which when worn with shirt and tie looks especially like something your mom might think you need. The tie itself is suitably scholarly, with a logo crest and the words “founded in 2012” beneath it, like an online school you might pay for only to get a student visa. The pièce de résistance, however, has to be the alpaca blend teddybear slipper shoes, which are actually just those slippers shaped like teddy bears, but for around $820. Honestly, we just can’t wait for these to be seen at the shows this fall — down with crippling high heeled torture instruments, and up with a radically cozy vibe!

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