Could gen Z sway the US Election? These figures say they already are

With just over two weeks left until the polls closed, over three million young people across America have already voted. Get her Jade.

by Roisin Lanigan
26 October 2020, 12:11pm

We still have a few weeks left until the polls close on Trump vs Biden 2020 but already Americans are turning out in their millions to cast their votes -- and many of those early voters are gen Z.

The statistics published on 22 October showed that over three million young people in the US had already cast their ballots for the presidential election. A poll published by non-partisan research centre CIRCLE also showed that two million of those ballots have been cast in states where the youth vote could very well dictate the outcome of the election.

While there’s still a way to go before the fateful outcome of those votes, there is reason to be cautiously optimistic today. 2020 marks the first time ever that gen Z and millennials the number of boomers and older generations when voting in an election, a recent report from State of Change found.

New polling figures from Axios and Survey Monkey illustrate that in 45 of 50 states, 18-34 year old voters are leaning overwhelmingly towards the Democrats. “These scattered red spots in a sea of blue vividly illustrate Trump's peril if young people were to actually turn out this year,” their report reads. “Put another way, Trump's path to re-election depends heavily on younger adults staying home.”

Finally, some good news in 2020.