Burberry is teaming up with Twitch to livestream its next fashion show

Damn, we really do be living in unprecedented times.

by Roisin Lanigan
14 September 2020, 11:46am

Image via Instagram

2020 has forced us to call into question a lot of things we once took for granted. Office commuting, for instance. Or hugging a friend in a pub. And of course, the not so humble fashion show. Pre-pandemic, luxury shows were ostentatious affairs. They involved flying hundreds of people around the world to watch runway presentations; elaborate sets and crowds of famous and beautiful people crammed into one room were the norm. And although many luxury shows were streamed online pre-pandemic -- the focus was on the IRL spectacle. Not so much now.

As the fashion industry adjusts to a predominantly digital calendar for the time, many houses are embracing modern technology more than ever before to showcase their collections. To that end, Burberry today became the first high fashion house to partner with gaming streaming platform Twitch, to livestream their next show. A single browser window will replace a busy catwalk, and Twitch’s rapid fire chat function will create a “personal, inclusive experience” the site hopes can rival the pointed whispers you see on the FROW.

“Twitch unlocks an exciting new space where our Burberry community can be digitally transported to feel like they have a virtual seat at our live show,” says Burberry’s Chief Marketing Officer Rod Manley. “It is an interactive experience where guests can connect with both our brand and each other whilst personalising their viewing journey.”

Set in and inspired by the great British outdoors, the SS21 show will immerse guests virtually around the world through the medium of one live streaming window. Utilising Twitch’s Squad Stream functionality, Burberry will also show multiple perspectives of the show at once. Basically, all the glamour of a real life fashion show, but without the carbon footprint and the expectation that you have to change out of the trackies you’ve been wearing nonstop since March. Could this be the future?

You can tune in to watch the Burbs show this Thursday 17 September, at 1pm, on Twitch.