Is this Harry Styles’ next film?

A Spanish distributor may have accidentally spilled the details on the pop star’s next project.

by Douglas Greenwood
19 August 2020, 2:42pm

via Twitter (@vertice360_cine)

Do you remember the time, about a year ago now, where the only thing that mattered to everybody (read: me) was the idea of Harry Styles returning to the silver screen to play Prince Eric in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid? It was a concept we spent so much time dreaming about that we prayed it would eventually manifest in the real world, but alas, our king turned the project down to tour in 2020. Well, look how that panned out, Harry!

But our yearning for Harry to put on his acting hat again was not in vain. Rumour has it, he’s lined up to appear alongside Brad Pitt in a new project from the director of Nightcrawler. How do we know this? Well, it seems like the film’s Spanish distributor accidentally posted something on their official website and Twitter with some casting details that nobody was aware of yet. 

Faster, Cheaper, Better is supposedly a sci-fi film set over the course of two decades, in which a union foreman, a young entrepreneur, an indoor farm executive and a tech billionaire’s lives are thrown into disarray when AI becomes the standard way of working. The move forces the humans on earth to get to grips with what it means to be alive, sentient, and made from flesh and blood in the modern world. 

The project was first pitched to distributors back at this year’s Cannes Film Festival Market, where the script would have been pitched to distributors -- almost certainly with tentative acting talent attached. It was swept up by every international territory, meaning production got the go-ahead. Who will release it in the UK and US is still being bid on. 

Dan Gilroy’s reputation as a filmmaker is solid: people liked Nightcrawler, but his next project, Roman J. Israel, Esq, failed to make a splash with critics. It would have taken some pretty flashy names for him to snap up the film for significant cash.

Three hours after their initial tweet, Vertice replied to their own tweet (which blew up on Harry Styles twitter) -- not with a clarification or a retraction, but with a teaser. “You can find more information about our next distribution projects at,” it read with a smiley face.

While nothing has come directly from Harry’s camp on this, it’s quite likely that this could be the next project in his on-screen roster. But don’t hold your breath quite yet: we learned our lesson on that one with The Little Mermaid

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