A deliciously chaotic mix from LA producer Izzy Camina

From Jersey club to 80s synth punk, shit gets wild.

by Frankie Dunn
21 February 2020, 5:11pm

LA via NJ singer and producer Izzy Camina has an eclectic sound. Listen to her lo-fi new bedroom pop single “Kill Your Local Indie Softboy” (a cynical but heartfelt dedication to the guys she met while living in East London) and in no world would you think that the same artist could possibly be behind such addictive industrial house/techno releases as “UP N DOWN”. And yet… is there anything she can’t do? Find out in March when she releases her debut EP “NIHILIST IN THE CLUB”.

Her taste in music, it transpires, is as diverse as the stuff she makes herself. In today’s i-D mix, she casually leaps between her native Jersey Club sounds, 80s synth, and dark, late night dancefloor tunes that you likely haven’t heard of but will be glad to discover. “This is the kind of music I drive around to,” Izzy told us. “That I listen to at the gym, go grocery shopping to, etc. Just a casual and mundane Izzy Camina, daily-life listening experience. The kind of sonic palette I find pleasurable.”

Imagine being inside her head!

80s synth
Izzy Camina