The de-aged digital clone of Grimes has social media now

And no, WarNymph is not her unborn foetus. Whatever gave you that idea?

by Jenna Mahale
23 January 2020, 12:38pm

Once again, Grimes has broken the internet with her post-apocalyptic hijinks. On Tuesday night, she unveiled two private social media accounts with the handle @WarNymph, only allowing followers in via a process of manual selection. Judging by the content that’s leaked so far, WarNymph appears to be a demonic cupid-like creature, with glowing red eyes, some flawless red acrylics, and a penchant for narrating the apocalypse. We… stan?

In one of the demon baby’s broadcasts, WarNymph announces: “This is the end of the world. The world stands on a ledge. Death and the end is nigh.” They continue eerily, proclaiming that, “the next planet in the solar system… it’s called Death. The sun explodes and we all die. The earth is going deafeningly quiet [...] Then we die and it’s not much better.” Good to know.

The artwork and general themes of the WarNymph account -- including one vaguely disturbing graphic of the WNE (WarNymph Enterprises) logo skewering a dark, bleeding globe -- appear to share conceptual links with Grimes’s highly anticipated album, Miss Anthropocene, which has its release slated for next month. But really, there’s little clarification of the artist’s reasoning behind creating the online persona.

Since the accounts materialised just two weeks after the naked, Instagram-annoying announcement of her pregnancy, (and given Grimes didn’t offer much context aside from a cryptic instruction to ‘“follow the clues”) many assumed that the baby in the accounts’ display pictures was intended to represent the musician’s unborn child. But when one fan tweeted “ur baby” in reply to the announcement on Twitter, she responded by pointing out that, “technically this one is a de-aged digital clone but prob similar.” Still, congratulations all the same.

At least we can all agree on one thing -- it was a big mistake not to cast Lana Del Rey in the upcoming Elvis biopic. WarNymph, you may be terrifying, but you’ve got good taste.