louis theroux responds to being named one of 2017’s worst dressed men

How could you do Louis like this?

by Roisin Lanigan
06 December 2017, 11:35am

Image via Twitter

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Louis Theroux is a national treasure. He’s up there with David Attenborough, chips and Meghan Markle. He deserves our respect. So it’s a disservice akin to treason to name him one of the most unfashionable men for 2018, but that is what GQ have done. Rude.

Louis comes seventh on the list of most sartorially challenged men, alongside Morrissey, Jacob Rees Mogg and Paul Merton (I mean, fair enough), with Kit Harington taking the dubious honour of coming first. And Louis is not happy about it, posting his disappointment on Twitter yesterday.

Luckily Louis’ loyal fans quickly came to his rescue, replying by warning him “not to listen to the haters” and take no notice. “They obviously don’t know what they’re talking about,” said one. “Let me fight them”, offered another. His supporters are presumably huge fans of Louis’ understated normcore look, which mostly consists of a muted palette of autumnal jumpers, classic grey tees and sensible jeans. It’s minimalist. It’s timeless. It’s this iconic turtleneck. It’s quintessentially Theroux.

Cheer up Louis. Maybe next year you can reach the dizzying heights of the best dressed list, which this year features stylish men including Riz Ahmed, Harry Styles, Jeff Goldblum and A$AP Rocky. Until then, we still love you, unfashionable or not.

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