Still from X-Ray

watch tommy cash start his own cult to the sound of happy hardcore

His new music video premieres exclusively on i-D.

by Frankie Dunn
22 November 2018, 11:15am

Still from X-Ray

With some shots straight out of a Gucci campaign and others like scenes from a hot new doc about a sexy yoga cult with a fondness for Danny L Harle-produced happy hardcore and snogging trees, Tommy Cash’s new video for his song X-Ray is wild. That said, if you’ve seen literally any of his other music videos — like this one, where he is everybody in every awkward family photo, or this one, where he appears to be a singing vagina — then you won’t be in the least bit surprised. The conceptual artist and musician, who opened the Rick Owens spring/summer 19 show and joined Charli XCX on her Pop 2 tour, just loves to shock.

Taken from his forthcoming debut album ¥€$ — due out next Friday 30 November — X-RAY was produced by PC Music guy Danny L Harle, who seems to have gone all out with the frenetic 90s rave influences. Listen out for the Scatman John reference at 0:13 and keep an eye open for flashes of Russian model Sasha Trautvein throughout the video, which was co-directed by Tommy and Anna-Lisa Himma.

"I see you with my X-Ray,” Tommy repeats on the hook as his notably pale people practice intense ‘breathing exercises’ and worship their three-eyed leader. When asked about the project, Tommy told i-D: "I have found it very inspiring and sad at the same time that our society these days doesn't really have anything that they hold sacred anymore. Except cash." True that. Take an exclusive first look at the cinematic video below.

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