the comments on the gillette ad prove why it's necessary

Evidently toxic masculinity isn't going anywhere. For now.

by Jack Sunnucks
16 January 2019, 7:59pm

Screengrab via Youtube

This week, in toxic masculinity, we have Gillette’s new slogan and the accompanying video. Forever known for their catchphrase “The Best a Man Can Get,” replete with sexy videos of men shaving (not a thing in real life), and having their cheeks caressed by a gorgeous woman (I personally wouldn’t know about this bit), they’ve suddenly had an overdue rebrand. “The Best Men Can Be” is what they’re asking now, which is either a sincere apology for an eternity of allegedly sexy shaving, or a cynical attempt to capitalize on the crisis in masculinity.

The video, below, is an incredible volte face. Instead of smoldering into the mirror, the men in question look distressed as a voiceover talks about #MeToo and toxic masculinity. “Is this the best a man can get,” a throaty voiceover intones, before scenes of bullying, nerdy kids miserably watching spring break videos, and sexual harassment in the boardroom. An endless parade of Dads chant “Boys will be boys" at their barbecue stations, arms crossed. Poor men indeed! But don’t worry! Gillette is here, and they “believe in the best in men.” Cue rousing music and scenes of men doing nice things.

If you thought we’d moved past the need for this kind of PSA, think again! The comments section is truly terrifying, and illustrates toxic masculinity in action. Comments include “Everyone should report this video for ‘hateful or abusive content.’ If it's ‘hate speech’ to be openly misogynistic then by the same standards this overtly misandrist video should fall into the same category,” which is really something, and “Thanks Political Gillette you just lost a lifetime customer. ” The mind boggles that anyone could be that threatened by what amounts to quite an innocuous message along the lines of “Don’t be awful.” Surely it was more triggering watching a man with washboard abs and a towel do a smooth shave? Toxic masculinity, still alive and kicking. I guess it’s time to buy a Gillette razor?

Toxic Masculinity