Photography Ryan Pfluger forPlayboy

ezra miller is the playboy bunny we’ve been waiting for

The actor shared his thoughts on polyamory, porn, and death while smoking a joint

by Jack Sunnucks
16 November 2018, 7:10pm

Photography Ryan Pfluger forPlayboy

"I’m trying to find queer beings who understand me as a queer being off the bat, and I feel like I’m married to them 25 lifetimes ago,” Ezra Miller tells Playboy magazine in a new interview, to which we can only say, us too. Evidently, Miller is on a mission to queer the world with his Crimes of Grindelwald press tour, which thus far has involved a Givenchy take on Hedwig the owl, a very elegant Moncler look replete with black lipstick, and having the Avada Kedavra curse written on his hands.

Even more exciting than what he’s wearing, however, is what he talks about to Playboy, all while smoking a huge joint with the interviewer. “I have more of an ecstatic practice, but I do take to instatic practices at times, so sometimes, I don’t have sex for a really long time because a lack of sex is as important to me as sex,” is a particularly choice quote. He also talks about his formative sexual experiences, his polyamorous worldview, and the abuse he’s experienced in Hollywood. The only thing he doesn’t talk about is the controversy surrounding Johnny Depp’s hiring for the film, saying “I would say that literally every single aspect of my reality, inclusive of a lot of things that are not fine with me, are fine with me.” Right then — guess you can’t have an answer for everything (or you can, it just doesn’t have to make any sense). Miller, truly, is a Fabulous Beast.

Ezra Miller