london party people prestige pak just made the ultimate pre-drinks mix

Get ready to this.

by Circe Hughes
22 June 2018, 4:20pm

Prestige Pak was born in Manchester, took a brief hiatus while members of the creative collective -- Architect, Lil C, Handsome Rob and Lagoon -- worked on solo projects, and is now back at it in London. Finding a harmony in the coming together of their individual ideas and influences, they unite like some kind of club scene X-Men with one singular mission: to bring back the energy to London’s nightlife.

“Clubbing in this country, for a bunch of reasons, is a bit dry,” Architect tells us. People are missing the very basics when it comes to setting the right vibe for a big night out. “The recipe for a good party is pretty fucking simple,” explains Lil C. “Good music, bit of decent food, great vibes and alright drink.” When it comes to music, these guys are fucking reliable. "Showcasing club carnival flavours from JA, UK and beyond!" promises their Facebook info page -- that and self-made remixes of their favourite R&B classics, like Architect’s take on My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.

Having experienced their nights firsthand, we can confirm that they lay on the pageantry with well-thought-out looks, taking clear inspiration from club scenes of 80s and 90s New York. For a start, Lagoon is a drag queen with a penchant for colour-blocking, while Lil C “fucking loves socks”. Great. Their mutual understanding of the importance serving looks is all part of the Prestige Pak-age.

Pretty damn infatuated, we asked them to make us a mix. Merging R&B and dancehall with rap and reggaeton, they've created the ultimate accompaniment to your pre-drinks session, all narrated by the soothing spoken word of Prestige Pak. You're welcome.

Catch Prestige Pak IRL at Tola in Peckham on 29 June.

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