end of an era: rick owens x adidas is over

Whether you hated it or loved it, Rick Owens sneaker collaboration with Adidas is over.

by Meg Duncan
08 August 2017, 6:55am

A chapter in sneaker history has come to a close with the announcement that Rick Owens and Adidas's fall/winter 17 collaboration will be their last. The partnership between the two giants began in 2013, and was initially conceived as a one-season deal. One season turned into two, and then three: Rick and Adidas wound up working together for four years.

The divisive sneakers had their fair share of fans and critics — you either loved or hated the geometric Tech Runnner, or the gravity defying Springblade. No matter which side of the fence you found yourself on, there's simply no denying that Rick helped make sneakers (and by extension, streetwear itself) an integral part of today's fashion landscape.

"Both parties enjoyed great success over the past four years," said a representative from Owenscorp yesterday in a statement, "as this collaboration comes to a natural conclusion, they continue to hold each other in the highest regard."

Rick Owens will continue to make shoes with a new partner, the US brand Hood Rubber. The designer debuted his first Hood Rubber collaboration on the men's spring/summer 18 runway, and promises there's a little more to come. As for Adidas, partnerships with Kanye West and Raf Simons continue.


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