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Thanks to a supply of delicious cocktails from Russian Standard Vodka, Jeremy Scott, A$AP Rocky and Lindsay Lohan partied hard with a crowd of i-D’s favourite nightlife stars, models, fashion designers and musicians and we shot them straight up.

by i-D Staff
29 June 2015, 2:45pm

Where did you grow up?
South London.

What do you do now?
Model and blogger on crackedchinacup.com

Bugs Bunny wants to know... "What's up doc?"
My temperature at this party.

What defines youth culture in 2015?
Being able to be yourself regardless of what people think.

Who's your biggest crush in the room right now?
Most of the guys are gay.

You're allowed one song request tonight, who do you choose?
Young Thug, Check.

Who wears the crown?
Right now? Rihanna



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