harry styles releases experimental poem on instagram

And a picture of himself floating in soupy, millennial pink water.

by Felix Petty
13 April 2017, 2:55pm

There we all were, waiting for an announcement about the highly anticipated Harry Styles debut solo album. Instead, the erstwhile 1D heartthrob has taken to Instagram to release a cryptic piece of poetry, and a picture of himself floating in some soupy, millennial pink water.

It would appear, instead of spending his post-1D time working on a solo album, he's been brushing on up on the works of modernist poet Ezra Pound, who famously condensed poems into simple, evocative images. His most famous work, the 1913 piece In a Station of the Metro, featured just two lines. "The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough".

Harry's take on the style features lines like "Woman / From the Dining Table" and "Kiwi / Ever Since New York" and "Meet Me in the Hallway / Sign of the Times" - suggesting an influence from later, more surreal takes on the movement, offered by poets like Frank O'Hara and William Carlos Williams.

It is a bold and unexpected move from the singer, to release such dense and enigmatic lines. Something for us to stew on until that long awaited debut album comes out. The post also contained "12.MAY.17" -- which could possibly point towards a release date for the first volume of his poetic works.

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Text Felix Petty
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