i-DJ: nicola cruz

Music to get you through the first post-Trump Monday.

by Matthew Whitehouse
23 January 2017, 1:30pm

Ah, Monday. No matter how many times it arrives - like clockwork, straight after lovely Sunday - it stills manages to take us by surprise. Were there this many Mondays in childhood? Were they always this hard? Will it be this way forever?

We digress. The reason we have Monday on our mind, readers, is because this week our regular i-DJ session has shifted from it's usual Friday teatime slot to today. Why, we hear you cry! Well, the answer is certainly not that we forgot to put it up. No! The answer is that on this first post-Trump Monday of Mondays what more could we ask for than the soothing sounds of France-born, Ecuador-residing electronic producer Nicola Cruz.

Drawing on a wide variety of influences - not least the cultures, rituals and rhythms of the Andean landscapes - we currently have it on at i-D HQ and can attest that the vibe has risen to a level not typically seen until Wednesday lunchtime. Oh, and he's only gone and chucked a new EP out too. Get that here and have a listen to his exclusive mix below. 

Trikk, Wardance Dub
Pezzner, Right Place Right Time
Akio Nagase, Mbira Dub
Daphni, Light
Trikk, Florista
Nicola Cruz, Tzantza (SS Remix)
Alex Burkat and Rob Paine, Herbman (P.S. 118 Remix)
Dj Champion, Tawoumga
Konkoma, Handkerchief (Auntie Flo Remix)
Young Marco, Later Than U Think

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