Photography Oleksandra Trishyna

a mix to get you in the mood for berlin atonal, by pavel milyakov

Ahead of the experimental music festival this weekend, the Moscow producer also known as Buttechno made us this hypnotic stoner mix.

by i-D Staff
30 August 2019, 10:57am

Photography Oleksandra Trishyna

Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno is an electronic wizard with a punk background. As we told you back in 2016, the DJ and producer has been integral in shaping the sound of young Russia. In the three years since, he’s been busy: soundtracking Gosha Rubchinskiy runway shows and forming their band GRAPPA, while releasing records on both Nina Kraviz’s infamous label трип and his own, RASSVET Records, which he founded in 2017. “On RASSVET records, I try to release music from local producers whose talent I’d love to share with the world,” explains the producer. “It’s also a monthly series of curated NTS shows, in which my contributors and I are trying to explore and rethink the legacy of Russian music.”

While his artist project Buttechno focuses on “exploring rhythm-based music”, Pavel explains that the project under his own name is all about “researching sound, light and its possibilities in different spaces”. He’ll be performing the latter at this year’s Berlin Atonal for the first time -- the festival’s former power station venue, Kraftwek in Kreuzberg, providing the ultimate space in which to explore these possibilities. As we all gear up for his experimental set this weekend, we called on Pavel to make us what has ended up being a seriously great mix. “It’s dedicated to the end of summer, featuring some hypnotic stoner and kraut atmosphere,” he says. You’re gonna love it.

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