watch the trailer for the innocents, your next teenage runaway netflix binge

So much good TV, so little time.

by Georgie Wright
15 February 2018, 6:02pm

Another day, another epic Netflix trailer to start building a couch-fort for. It’s a show called The Innocents, which obviously means it won’t be very innocent because that’s just how TV works. The premise: two teenagers called Harry and June run away from repressive family homes. So far, so End of the Fucking World.

Their plan, according to the accompanying description, is to “start over. Or so they think.” Apparently, parental secrets and an “extraordinary gift they possess” derail their grand plans for a happy ever after. Dra! Ma! Tic! Almost as dramatic as the trailer’s crescendoing soundtrack. Almost as dramatic as the broody glances to camera and ultra high-res close ups. Almost as dramatic as the handwritten note that reads, “I know I joke about being stupid, but I’m not an idiot. Leaving is hard. And once we go, I don’t know if we can come back.” Oh the teen angst, it’s palpable, it’s ten years ago and I’m still messaging broken heart clipart to my crush from my MSN account ( fyi).

Sorcha Groundsell (from the BBC’s Clique) and Percelle Ascott (from something called Wizards vs. Aliens) play June and Harry respectively. Unfortunately, the release date is equally as mysterious as the plot -- the only thing we know is that it’s out in 2018. Netflix really like to keep us on our toes now, don’t they.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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