​stormzy shuts down ‘coke rappers’ in new freestyle

The South London rapper settles a few scores and tells i-D “I ain’t ramping. At all”…

by Hattie Collins
03 August 2015, 11:50pm

Seems like something - or someone - has riled South London's Stormzy. The 21 one year-old Lewisham lyricist has dropped a brand new freestyle titled 10 Minutes in which he questions the proliferation of "fake rappers" surrounding the scene.

"It's a sad day/ Most of your favourite rappers having a bad days/ Either sniffing coke or in a bad place/ Come and take a shot if you're now brave/ Straight/ Just be careful when you send for Mike cos you can start a war and it can end tonight…."

As we've come to expect from Stormzy, the freestyle is an acrobatic display of wordplay and flow that manages to balance big bar boasts with a more occasionally inspiring message. "You tryna die a king or a trapper?/ You tryna die a king or a trapper?/ I had to say it twice cos it really matters/ All these washed up dons trying to gas us/ I don't rate that/ I tell them take that/ I call it payback…" he insists over the soul soaked Cardo and Jonny Juliano beat.

"My mum told me not to go easy," Stormzy shrugged on Twitter shortly after dropping the track, which he created in 10 minutes, while the rapper also told i-D that when it came to crafting the freestyle - "I ain't ramping. At all"… When asked if it was directed at anyone specifically, Stormzy insisted not. "Nah, nah, nah," he laughed via DM, adding two of the laugh-so-much-you're-crying face emojis for good measure.

Rap beefs are enjoying a renaissance right now, so it's good to know that Stormzy is enjoying a little battle rap simply for the sport of it.



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