10 things you need to know about house of ladosha

The duo challenging hip-hop paradigms talk celebrity crushes, meeting their idols and topping.

by Isabelle Hellyer
25 May 2015, 8:45am

House of Ladosha are the crew doing it all: they've opened for Azalea Banks, performed at Art Basel and managed to keep dropping killer merch all the while. Minted in Queens, New York they're now trading global. The million-dollar babes Antonio Blair (or Dosha Devastation) and Adam Radakovich (Cunty Crawford) are taking House of Ladosha's paradigm-shifting hip-hop down under. Ahead of their Australian shows, Cunty Crawford told us 10 facts about HoL.

1. They love meeting their heroines... 
"A few years ago we had the chance of hosting and opening for one of our favourite rappers La' Chat. The baddest bitch from the south. She has influenced us so much, and meeting her and having her be so gracious and sweet and funny really turned us out."

2. Cunty Crawford's celebrity crush is...
"My number one celebrity crush would have to be Luke Wilson. Luke, if you ever wanna experiment! The sweat pant scene from The Family Stone changed everything. Legit come see me."

3. As for Dosha's Crush...
"Dosha's number one is Dwayne Johnson, aka THE ROCK."

4. They starred in a Tori Amos video.
"I'm an utter and complete Tori Amos fan. A couple of years ago I was asked to be in her music video, alongside my sister Juliana [Huxtable]!!"

5. They can be picky.
"Dosha doesn't like eating outside"

6. Their A-list interactions...
"Dosha has met Oprah, Nicole Kidman, and Susan Sarandon before."

7. Maybe Australia can satisfy some of Crawford's curiosities...
"I've never topped before but I'm looking to try!"

8. They're not just into hip-hop.
"I also am so enamored with PJ Harvey"

9. Where they shop... 
"I have a Walmart addiction."

10. Their favourite viral video...

House of Ladosha will be performing as part of Sydney's Vivid LIVE festival programme at Red Bull Music Academy's Goodgod Minceteria!, supported by Melbourne's own Zanzibar Chanel and Victoria Kim. Ticket and details here. They've also been kind enough to swing down to Melbourne to turn up with support from i-D pal Chela. Grab info and tickets here.


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