​go behind the scenes at abbey road with google

Google's Street View is giving users a virtual tour of the iconic studio.

by i-D Staff
20 April 2015, 1:16am

Abbey Road is the place of legends; where The Beatles laid down All You Need Is Love and where iconic scores for the likes of Star Wars were recorded. While it's common knowledge that the studios are something special, the closest most of us will come to visiting is via the filmed live sessions. No longer! Taking Street View to another level, Google have created a virtual tour of all three studios complete with interactive features in the form of seminal videos capturing live studio performances by Kate Bush, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse as well as documentary photography and the sweet sweet sound of session musicians that pans across your headphones according to where you're 'standing' in the studio. It's clever stuff. Before you leave, get creative with your own track and geek out over vintage mixing desks and what is surely one of the most impressive mic collections of all time. 


abbey road
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