video premiere: purple, let me stay

Tune in to the new video from dark r&b star PURPLE.

by i-D Staff
23 July 2015, 10:50am

Joining the super awesome WEDIDIT Collective of Shlohmo, RL Grime and Ryan Hemsworth is Berlin based Luis Dourado AKA PURPLE. Recorded in Kreuzberg, his recent debut album Silence and Remorse is a woozily R&B-based study in fatalism, loss and isolation. Let Me Stay, taken from said record, furthers the singer and producer's fascination with the darkest corners of fear, paranoia and betrayal. Accompanied by a suitably dark video directed by Joao Retorta (who has also created videos for Moire), press play on Let Me Stay and enter the arena of eerie...

Who is PURPLE?
I'm Luis, I live in Berlin, I'm Portuguese and 31-years-old. I started making music many years ago on my mother's laptop when I was on vacations with my family. I was sad and bored in a resort hotel room in the south of Spain so I started trying a bunch of stuff out. My very first sketches mainly related to drone music and almost beatless dark songs. By that time I was involved in several projects related to visual arts and illustration so all this became kind of a secret, a room where I would go to tell my secrets, like my own confessionary. it became an obsession.

Why is PURPLE?
It was never a conscious decision. I wrote down my first sketches as "PURPLE" in Berlin, in 2010. It was winter and pure white snow was falling all over the Kreuzberg, I could see it through the window, day after day, night after night. I guess the emotions I was dealing with by that time along, with the whole atmosphere that surrounded me led me to do it, like opening a door that I could never again close. PURPLE is my ghost, he follows me everywhere, sometimes he reveals itself under the shape of sounds.

What is PURPLE?
My dreams, fears and secrets in this weird world.

When is PURPLE?
I released my debut album Silence & Remorse some weeks ago so I've been focusing mainly on that. I just landed few hours ago in Auckland to meet my WEDIDIT brothers and tour across New Zealand and then Australia, so I'm pretty excited about playing all of it. I've also been working on new sounds almost on a daily basis, like an addiction.


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