edwin mohney on the beauty of designing in london

To the small town kids looking to find their place in the world, let designer and Central Saint Martins student Edwin Mohney remind you of the possibilities that await in the capital.

by Ryan White
02 June 2017, 7:40am

This article originally appeared in i-D's The Creativity Issue, no. 348, 2017.

Like many of London's most compelling young designers, Edwin Mohney comes from a small, inconspicuous town many, many miles away from the capital, literally and figuratively. "Where I'm from in the States, it's very rural. So when I arrived at Central Saint Martins it felt like I was suddenly with all these people who are 'in on it', you know? When you come from somewhere isolated, to all of a sudden be surrounded by people who think like you, it gives you the confidence to keep going in one direction with your ideas."

Indeed, what could be more integral to the city's vibrant fashion scene than this collective meeting of minds, from all over the world. It was here Edwin met his boyfriend, designer Liam Johnson, someone who always pushes him "to take risks creatively" with his work, as well as many of London's other culture-shaping talents; Freya Morris, Richard Malone, Matty Bovan, Reba Maybury, Gareth Wrighton and James of Rottingdean Bazaar, all of whom he counts as friends and inspirations. Learning his technical skills from the best, Edwin's first internship in London was with Craig Green. "I learnt so much about, for want of a better word, the industry. The team were fresh out of school, insanely nice, really hard-working and talented. It gave me a goal to work towards."

Next was Ashish, Koché in Paris and Bernhard Willhelm in LA. Now, Edwin is focusing on his fashion MA, again at CSM. "London is just an incredible city to learn in." As for his clothes, they cannot be pinned down to one thing. "It's about what people enjoy having on in the moment. I always start with womenswear, but then it just ends up going wherever it wants to go." Nothing could embody the spirit of London more.

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