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The daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, Selah Marley has one of the best musical lineages in the world. Following Lauryn's surprise performance at Kenzo's Paris Fashion Week party last night, meet Selah's brothers and sisters, as the budding...

by Tish Weinstock
02 March 2017, 2:55pm

(From left to right) Josh wears blazer Alexander McQueen. Vest and trousers 3.1 Phillip Lim. Glasses Cartier. Sneakers Maison Margiela. John wears blazer and trousers Gosha Rubchinskiy. T-shirt Alexander Wang. Sneakers AMI Paris. Micah wears blazer and trousers Trico Field. T-shirt Polo Ralph Lauren. Sneakers Vans. 

Josh wears blazer Jil Sander. Top EFM. Trousers 3.1 Phillip Lim. Glasses Cartier. Selah wears blazer Dior Homme. Dress Off-White C/O Virgil Abloh. 

John wears Top Dries Van Noten. Chain model's own.

Sarah wears top UNX Paris. 

Micah wears T-shirt Polo Ralph Lauren. Tank Hanes. 

Josh wears Vest Dries Van Noten. Trousers Margaret Howell. Sneakers Gosha Rubchinskiy. 

(Clockwise from top left) John wears jacket Neil Barrett. Trousers Gosha Rubchinskiy. Josh wears blazer Alexander McQueen. Vest and trousers 3.1 Phillip Lim. Glasses Cartier. Sneakers Maison Margiela. Micah wears blazer and trousers Trico Field. T-shirt Polo Ralph Lauren. 

John wears coat Boglioli. Jumper Topman. Jeans Gucci. Sneakers AMI Paris. Josh wears Blazer Jil Sander. Top EFM. Trosuers 3.1 Phillip Lim. Glasses Cartier.

John wears vest Dries Van Noten. Trousers Margaret Howell. Boxers model's own. Selah wears top Prada. Skirt Yang Li. Jewelry model's own. 

"The hardest thing about coming from a well-known family is being in the limelight," muses model and musician, Selah Marley. "Although it sounds like a dream, it can be a little overwhelming to always have people watching you." The daughter of Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley's sons, and former Fugees frontwoman Lauryn Hill, Selah and her siblings were born into the unusual circumstance of the whole world knowing who they were, without them even knowing who they were themselves. Despite Selah's comfortable upbringing, life hasn't always been rosy.

As a kid, Selah's family moved around a lot. Born in Miami, it wasn't until she moved to South Orange, New Jersey, that she was finally able to put down roots. As a result, she's incredibly close to her siblings. "They are my world," she explains. "Growing up I was introverted and a very deep thinker. I kept to myself a lot." Now 18, Selah is wise beyond her years. Then again, she's had to be. As the daughter of two public figures, not only has Selah had to deal with the growing pains that all young girls go through, she's had to do it in front of an audience.

"One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I've never experienced struggle," she laments. "I know my life can look very glitz and glam, but there's always another side to the story." We live in a world where our obsession with celebrities has become so insatiable that we've now started to fetishize their children. Why wouldn't we, when they are the physical manifestation of the rock goddesses and supermodels that society has worshipped for so long? In fact, our obsession with celebrity children has become so great that these children are becoming celebrities themselves, which is why so many big brands have started tapping them to star in their latest shows and campaigns. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the Hadids, Kaia and Presley Gerber, Lennon and, Anais Gallagher, Lily Rose Depp, Iris and Rafferty Law. Name a celebrity child and they've probably got more Instagram followers than most people will rack up in a lifetime. 

Yet there is a downside; with fame comes jealousy, and as much as we enjoy putting these celebrity children on pedestals, we relish tearing them down. However it's important to remember that these children were born into their fame, they never asked for it, and at the end of the day, they're only human. "Not to compare myself in any way, but it is unfair to deem someone immune to the struggle of simply being a human, because of the status they've been given from birth," Selah states. "I'm just a young girl trying to navigate through her life as best she can. Thankfully, I've been given several opportunities to advance my career and self."

Indeed, far from resting solely on the laurels of her parents, Selah is keen to make a name for herself on her own terms. Currently based in New York, the talented teen divides her time between schoolwork — her favorite subject is science — and building up her SoundCloud following. "I strongly dislike putting myself in boxes," she explains, "but if I were to describe my music, I would probably say futuristic R&B. Or at least that's what I strive for! Soothing, ambient tones with dope rhythms!"

Another one of Selah's passions is modeling. "My mother exposed me to fashion before I even knew what fashion was," she recalls. "I would go on runs with her assistants to Alexander McQueen and brands of that caliber. Not to mention our basement, which is basically a couture museum." Despite being only a few months into her career, she's already been shot for Vogue, starred in the new Miu Miu lookbook, and even walked for Yeezy Season Four and Five. "My introduction to the fashion industry has been on a grand level," she laughs. "I've had the privilege of working with countless legends and esteemed fashion houses. I see modeling as a form of acting — silent acting. You still go into character and are putting on this persona, but are challenged to tell a story with no words." Most recently, she was revealed as the face of Ivy Park — Beyoncé's sportswear label — for its spring/summer 17 campaign. "I always admired Beyoncé growing up," Selah states. "I'd always be inspired by her videos and found her freedom of expression so beautiful and empowering."

With her beautiful brown, almond shaped eyes, pillowy lips, and infectious smile, Selah is the spitting image of her mother. She's breathtakingly beautiful, but she hasn't always felt so. "There's so much pressure on us to live up to all these aesthetics, lifestyles, and personas that are totally unreal, and, ultimately, impossible to live up to without mutating yourself in some way," she confesses. Indeed, in an age where you're only as hot as your last selfie, and you're constantly measured against unrealistic standards of beauty, it's no wonder that young men and women around the world are suffering from a crisis of confidence. Nevertheless, it's something that Selah has been working through. "There's a certain charm in being a human among robots, in being authentic," she muses. "Our imperfections and differences are what give us our uniqueness."

A far cry from the stereotypical celebrity it-kid, Selah is highly intelligent, deeply sensitive, grounded, and very aware of her situation. On the subject of fame, she remains philosophical, "I'm only at the beginning of my journey, but I feel like I'm ready to walk it with a good head on my shoulders." As her mom once said, everything is everything.

(From left to right) Micah wears top Hanes. Trousers J. Crew. Sneakers Vans. Sarah wears top Alexander Wang. Jeans Trico Field. John wears top vest Dries Van Noten. Trousers Margaret Howell. Sneakers AMI Paris. Selah wears vest Chanel. Skirt Yang Li. Shoes Paco Rabanne. Josh wears vest Dries Van Noten. Trousers Margaret Howell. Sneakers Gosha Rubchinskiy. Watch model's own. 


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch 
Styling Carlos Nazario

Hair Jawara at Bryant Artists using Oribe. Make-up Chiho at Frank Reps using Giorgio Armani Beauty. Nail technician Dawn Sterling at MAM-NYC using Dior Vernis. Photography assistance Dean Podmore, David Hans Cook. Styling assistance Marissa Ellison. Tailor Mack Mozé. Hair assistance Kashima Parris. Make-up Rei Tajima. Models Selah, Joshua, John, Micah and Sarah Marley at Next. Special thanks to Kyle Hagler at Next. 

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