ghostbuster’s kristen wiig is over all your sexist bullshit

In a new interview the actress hits out against online abuse surrounding Ghostbuster’s all female cast

by Tish Weinstock
27 October 2015, 9:29pm

You're being haunted by the ghost of all misogyny, who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters' Kristen Wiig. In a new interview with the LA Times, the actress calls out all those sexist comments surrounding Paul Feig's all-woman casting of his Ghostbusters reboot.

Starring alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, Wiig describes how she was "surprised" that there was so much controversy surrounding the fact that it was an all female cast. I mean it's 2015 ffs, the year of gender fluidity -- why does it even matter? "I think the fact that people keep asking it implies that it's something we need to explain or defend," she adds, "If [people] would watch movies or look at comedy and see how many talented, funny women are out there and have been since the beginning of time, people would stop asking that". Women are funny, get over it.


Photography Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

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