i really like this by payton barronian is a work of fashion-comedy genius

Watch the new brilliantly surreal film about being a model / It girl / foodie from the American artist.

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
06 February 2016, 1:20am

Ahead of New York Fashion Week, artist Payton Barronian has created a short film for the agender fashion platform You Do You, taking us behind the scenes of a fashion shoot to discover, "what it really takes to be a model / it-girl / foodie".

A surreal work of fashion comedy genius, I Really Like This, showcases the deconstructed denim and tailoring of New York designer Claire McKinney, exploring the dynamics of a food caressing, air kissing group of models / it-girls / foodies. But all is not what it seems.

Speaking to i-D in August last year, You Do You creative director Logan Jackson explained that, "We're going to continue to search for people breaking boundaries, whether they are artists, designers, or just human beings living the life they know to be theirs. Some of the most exciting times are meeting these new designers and artists and getting to know what's important to them. That in turn helps us keep creating for them… a little cheesy maybe, but sometimes cheese is truth!".

Looking headlong into women's fashion month, perhaps Payton Barronian's film, with awkward tongue firmly wedged in vacuous cheek, can humorously encourage us all to be a little more truthful and real in the creative pursuits of our fashion lives.

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