10 things to know about sarah marland, australian fashion’s newest chiller

We spend a few minutes talking friends, family and the future with one of our favourite fresh faces.

by Kasumi Borczyk
14 July 2016, 3:00am

Photo by Felicity Downie

Traditionally modelling can be a pretty stressful industry, so it's no wonder that Sarah Marland has been welcomed like an open window. The fresh-faced 22-year-old's uninhibited approach to beauty is right at home with the current movement towards street and Instagram casting, and a new focus on disrupting impossible beauty ideals. A recent addition to agency Folk Collective — Melbourne's home for outsider models —she's right at home among Australia's new fashion guard.

We recently caught up to chat to her about shaking off self-doubts and taking on fashion her way. Here's what you need to know.

1. She had a super enviable upbringing.
I was blessed to have my childhood in the Blue Mountains and my adolescence in Byron Bay. I only just moved to Melbourne a few weeks ago and I love it so far!

2. She got her start through her friends.
One of my best friends is a photographer; he was looking for some friends to shoot so he scouted me for a job. Most of this happened through having friends who are doing amazing, creative things who have asked me to be a part of it. They were the ones who really shaped my identity as a model with their brands. I definitely prefer doing shoots with friends and they were 100 percent the reason I got started in this industry.

3. Modelling has taught her to be tough and tender (on herself).
I think that there are two different parts of me. When I first started going to castings and meeting new people in the industry it would take me two hours just to find something to wear. Luckily I was able to fight it off and I overcame those insecurities. Now I don't really care so much if people like me or not and I don't find meeting people as daunting and intimidating as I used to. As lame as it sounds, I just don't want to conform to what's the norm.

4. She loves being part of a new generation of Australian models.
It's really great to be part of a street casting agency because they don't ask too much of you in terms of your appearance. I really hope that diversity isn't just a trend and it becomes a permanent thing that is here to stay.

5. She likes to dole out straight-up advice.
I guess the best piece of advice I can give for being true to yourself is to just trust that the real you will always stand out so much more than any fake or "wannabe" version of you.

6. Her favourite shoots are the most natural ones.
I really love shooting with my friend Ryan, he was the one who introduced me to modelling, I love the fact he uses film and I don't need to wear any make-up.

7. She knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.
In my downtime, I really like staying at home and just having an Epsom salt bath with a glass of wine!

8. She is a dedicated (animal) mother-of-three.
I always ensure that a portion of my day is committed to my maternal duties, which are looking after my dog and my two cats. My boyfriend and I even hired an Apollo motorhome to bring them down to Melbourne!

9. She has big plans for the future.
If the opportunity arose I definitely would like to go overseas. My best friend, who is also a model, is abroad at the moment and I'd love to be able to bounce from country to country with her. It would be the dream.

10. But she also doesn't mind seeing where life takes her.
My aim is to spend the next few years trying out different things. I made the mistake in the past to sticking to one thing, like a university degree or a traineeship. I know modelling is a pretty short-lived job but it's definitely something I'd like to keep doing for now.



Text Kasumi Borczyk
Images Felicity Downie

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