igor & daniel

by i-D Team
07 November 2013, 5:20pm

Toby Lewis Thomas

Igor, 20. Daniel, 10.
What do you do?
I'm a full time model and I work as a painter/ decorator when there's no work. Daniel's at school.
How many tattoos have you got?
10 or 11. But I think I might get 10 more!
Do you skate at Southbank pretty regularly?
Yup, at least once a week.
What is your favourite skating move? 
I guess going backwards because that's what everyone does.
What's your favourite album of 2013?
I would probably go with Drake's album, Nothing Was The Same, I haven't heard that many others.
Skinny, slim fit or boot cuts?
Slim fit.


Photography Toby Lewis Thomas

toby lewis thomas