haim is releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary

The film will track the creation of their new album "Something to Tell You."

by André-Naquian Wheeler
28 June 2017, 3:53pm

Fans are unabashedly thirsty for the next HAIM album to come out, and for good reason — it will be the group's first release in four years. Thankfully, the three sisters are making up for their long absence. On top of their new album, they will deliver an extended behind-the-scenes look at how the record, Something to Tell You, came together. The trailer for the Apple Music exclusive was released yesterday and hints that the doc will be full of personal, unguarded moments.

"When we write songs it's very much a democracy and we all contribute to it," the sisters say in the trailer. HAIM: Behind the Album will stitch together a live performance the group recently gave in London (which they say is their favorite place to debut new music) with footage of their creative process. Critically acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson crafted the video for the group's first single, "Right Now," and it'd be majorly killer if he also directed this doc. We're dreaming big here.

Something to Tell You will be released on July 7, and the documentary will come a week later, on July 14 — giving us just enough time to learn the lyrics to the new songs and theorize about their origins.


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