lust for youth: music to... shop to

From Martin Rev to the KLF, this is intellectual muzak for the discerning shopper.

by Matthew Whitehouse
21 March 2016, 10:45pm

There's a kinda dignified quietness to this mix given to us by Lust For Youth. Makes sense. You only have to listen to a track like Sudden Ambitions - lead single for new album Compassion, released last week - and you'll hear a perfect distillation of that very unobtrusive, euphoria-informed-melancholy that made New Order such a perfect fit for post-Joy Division Manchester, and Lust For Youth such a perfect fit for a post-Sarah Lund Copenhagen. It is, by their own design, Music To Shop To, and with it's largely word-less ambience there's a hint of the kind of intellectual muzak you'd expect to hear piped over the tannoy in Ben Wheatley's recent High Rise. Like Brian Eno's Music for Airports - which when eventually played in an airport caused people to complain of a sort of needling but indescribable anxiety - whether we'd want to shop to it is another matter. "This is a mix for when you're out shopping, but the goal with it is to forget why you went out and save your money," says the band's ice-cool frontman, Hannes Norrvide. "It's music that I'm currently listening to and maybe one or two old favourites. Enjoy."


Martin Rev - Mari
CTM - Cézanne
Tor Lundvall - Humidity
Brigitte Fontaine - L'auberge
Orphan Ann - Untitled Excerpt
Pan Sonic - Johdin
Vivenza - Servomecanismes
Lundin Oil - Peeled Of Faces
PNL - Le Monde Ou Rien
Drew McDowall - Convulse (excerpt)
KLF - Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul

Compassion, the new album by Lust For Youth, is out now. The band play London's Moth Club on 22 April

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