stream flamingods' brilliant new album, majesty

Head off on a psychedelic adventure with the many-faced gods as you seek enlightenment.

by Francesca Dunn
06 June 2016, 3:45pm

Born from the solo project of singer Kamal Rasool, Flamingods unexpectedly gained four members by way of an eight-hour jam session during 2010's Animal Collective-curated ATP Festival. Today they have grown into a magnificent five-piece whose live shows put audiences in a happy trance and often result in the kind of dance parties that make the world a better place. Big fans, we're pleased to present an exclusive full stream of their Bollywood-inspired journey across continents and into their colourful minds.

"Majesty was written and arranged with a conceptual narrative, cohesive both musically and lyrically," the band explain, "following the story of protagonist Yuka on his journey of enlightenment through an exotic jungle landscape." Split into two parts, morning (tracks 1-5) and evening (tracks 6-10), the story unravels as their third record plays on.

"The first half, lucid and contemplative, follows Yuka's decision to explore an exotic land and marks the beginning of his journey," they continue. "The songs here are uplifting and dreamy (Jungle Birds), carefree and sublime (Taboo Groves), floating out of the speakers on a summer breeze (Anya)." Majestic Fruit marks a lovely lush interlude on his travels, one that really should've been picked up for the new Jungle Book soundtrack.

Onto the second half and the record and falls progressively into darkness, "channelling the perils and darker notions of Yuka's experiences whilst searching for a meaning. The melodies take on a darker, moodier edge, kicking off with the powerful Gojira, reaching a frenzied crescendo of noise and energy before settling into the drone and fuzz of Rhama and the swirling psyched out stew of Sarangi. The album (and its hero's) resolution lies in the rejoiceful, rollicking Mountain Man."

Majesty is due for release via Soundway Records on 10th June

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