7 songs to make you smile on blue monday

Don’t worry, be happy.

by i-D Staff
16 January 2017, 3:55pm

If you thought Brexit was bad, today is Blue Monday. Why the third Monday of January? According to Dr Cliff Arnall, who calculated it as the Gregorian calendar's bluest of blue days, this is down to the guaranteed shitty weather, debt, broken New Year's resolutions (yep, it was brief) and the time since your last glass of Christmas prosexy. Reality bites, but we're here to get you through today with a list of seven songs that are sure to make you smile. And if they don't, well, may the force be with you. it's only another few hours to go...

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Heaven 17, Temptation
What better way to vanquish the January blues and celebrate the imminent release of Trainspotting 2 than turning up the volume on the 80s pop-banger that soundtracked the original film's iconic nightclub scene.

David Bowie, Heroes
Bowie's most triumphant record is, coincidentally, also the song that most people turned to in the wake of his death - the 1977 single seeing a surge of Spotify plays in the days following. Soaring, uplifting… We could be heroes, just for one (Blue Mon)day.

The Flaming Lips, Do You Realize??
"Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?" sings sometime Miley Cyrus collaborator Wayne Coyne on 2002 single Do You Realize??. Haunting, elegiac, never has death sounded so positively elevating.

The Cure, Friday I'm In Love
Don't worry if Monday's blue, if Tuesday's grey, Wednesday and Thursday too. Because in four days time it will be Friday and, according to The Cure, you might well be in love. Don't hesitate, it will be worth the wait.

Stevie Wonder, I Believe
What could be more appropriate on Blue Monday, than the wonderful Stevie Wonder sounding very sure of himself when he proclaims that falling in love is a one-time thing. If you believe, you can achieve.

Supergrass, Alright
Is there a more upbeat song committed to record than this 1995 single from Britpop botherers Supergrass? No, seriously. If you can name one, please send it in a stamped address envelope to i-D, New North Place, London. We'd love to hear it.

Björk, Big Time Sensuality
The very good Björk here with a song here about making the decision to be happy (because sometimes it is a decision, readers). Be like Björk. Make the leap. 

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