10 things to know about TOKiMONSTA

The producer talks the Simpsons, emoji fashion and her Coachella squad.

by Christopher Thompson and i-D Staff
21 May 2015, 4:45am

TOKiMONSTA is the L.A based producer whose diverse, textured electronica first caught our eye a few years ago. She hasn't slowed down since, releasing a steady stream of impeccable records while touring the globe almost non-stop. Ahead of her upcoming return to the Antipodes, the artist chatted with i-D about her live show, the Simpsons and her Australian pals.

1. She has a project to help other artists called Young Art.
"I have been working on producing Gavin Turek, who has been featured on many of my solo productions. Now, it's come full circle and I am producing her record for her-on my label Young Art. I created Young Art as a means to raise up other artists. It's not a money grab venture, but a way to give shine to people I believe in."

2. Her favourite cartoon is The Simpsons.
"Simpsons up to about season 10 or 11. Everything after is :-( . When I was in grade school, my friend and I would watch it from our respective homes and call each other during commercial breaks to talk about the cartoon. My favourite episode is the chilli cook-off"

3. Her favourite item of clothing isn't what you'd expect.
"My favourite item is this emoji sweat suit that my friend got me from the Swamp Meet. Swamp Meet is a hood flea market. I don't wear it out, but I wear it damn near everyday in my flat. It's the best most shamelessly internet thing I own."

4. She was in a YouTube series, but don't expect on-screen career.
"Acting... me?"

5. You can hear her mood in her music.
"I'm a fairly cheerful person and all of that, but I have always felt a little off or uncomfortable. I think that sort of incompleteness is apparent in a lot of my music."

6. Here's what makes her happy.
"Really good food, friends, and music! I'm a simple gal."

7. On tour, she couldn't live without...
"SLEEP. I don't care if people say sleep is the cousin of death, I love sleeping. It's the best"

8. She's not into genres.
"I generally try to avoid categorising my music because I don't want to risk boxing myself in. I suppose, generally, it'd be hip-hop and electronic... kinda?"

9. She hangs out and works with lots of Australian musicians.
"Ta-ku and I have been attempting to work on music for ages. Hopefully, we'll get it together eventually. Flume, What So Not, and Chet Faker are all lovely musicians and I'd work with any of them. Nick [Chet Faker] me and Bonobo were hanging out in Coachella. Pretty strong squad."

10. Here's what to expect when she plays Australia in June.
"My live show is a mixture of my music, my new music, music I love, and music the audience and I love--all this stripped into various parts and orchestrated live."

TOKiMONSTA tours in June, details here:

Wednesday June 3rd, Canberra, La De Da
Thursday June 4th, Adelaide, Rocket Bar
Friday June 5th, Wellington, San Fran
Satuday June 6th, Melbourne, Revolt
Sunday June 7th, Sydney, Oxford Art Factory
Friday June 12th, Auckland, Galatos
Saturday June 13th, Perth, GilkinsonsSunday June 14th, Brisbane, TBC Club


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