eckhaus latta is the ultimate fashion family

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have made a name for themselves in New York and beyond with their gender-fluid, avant-garde, textile-clashing collections for the downtown kids that are making things happen.

by Clementine de Pressigny
29 March 2017, 1:25pm

Michael Bailey Gates (photographer,friend and model), May Hong, (model), Rachel Chandler (casting director), Zoe Latta, designer & Alex Chaves (artist), Ian Horowitz (footwear designer), Camilla Deterre (model), Greg Fong (artist), Arley Marks (mixologist), Bobby Andres (designer), Mike Eckhaus (designer).

Eckhaus Latta embodies the idea of a creative community in such an honest and organic way, that it's less a brand than a fashion family — the kind you really want to be a part of, because you know they'll accept you just the way you are. Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus are the mom and dad who launched the label back in 2011, and since then have been steadily gaining global recognition for their artistically led vision. In the last six years they've somehow done the undoable — creating genuinely innovative designs, made with unorthodox but genius fabric combinations, that people actually want to buy and wear. They met at Rhode Island School of Design, where Zoe studied textiles and Mike studied sculpture, and they're as close as two friends and business partners can be. Mike describes Zoe as "my wife."

Their union happened naturally: "There was never initial planning or strategy, we were excited to work together and still are. I can't imagine doing this solo," Mike states. That's not to say they're always on the same page — like any family, they have their own opinions and issues arise. "We tend to disagree quite often and then find a space that neither of us would initially come to on our own," Mike laughs. "It's good that we are so different in our thoughts of how to approach things." Their muses and collaborators include Dev Hynes, Jane Moseley, India Menuez, and Hari Nef, and working with their circle of creative friends underpins Eckhaus Latta. "It is core to what we do. We have been collaborating with friends and people within our community since day one," Mike says. "It has been incredibly exciting to grow with so many of the individuals we have been working with since the first collection." Family is everything.

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Text Clementine de Pressigny 

Photography Evan Browning
Hair Sabrina Szinay at The Wall Group. Makeup Zenia Jaeger at The Wall Group. 

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