the soundtrack to your weekend ft. sälen, thundercat and gkr

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by Francesca Dunn
29 August 2016, 12:43am

Sälen, The Drwg
These East Londoners are back at it again! Following the release of the very sticky Diseasey this spring, singer Ellie Kamio and pals have done us a sensual slow jam all about how love is very much a drwg. Catch them live at their mothership, new Shoreditch venue Kamio, on 19 October.

Diana Gordon, Woman
Formally known as Wynter Gordon, Queens born and raised Diana is the songwriter behind the lyric "better call Becky with the good hair" along with some of the best tracks on Beyoncé's Lemonade. A month ago she dropped The Legend Of, an impressive debut and a hell of an introduction with major Daddy's Lessons vibes. Woman is her next offering and there's something kind of Shania Twain about parts of it... a really awesome, powerful, 2016 Shania Twain.

Miike Snow, My Trigger
There's very little that brings us more pleasure than a well-choreographed music video dance routine. Wait for it...

Thundercat, Bus In These Streets
"Thank God for technology, cause where would we be if we couldn't tweet our thoughts?" asks Thundercat on the completely addictive Nintendo dream world of a track. Makes you think. Production by Louis Cole and Flying Lotus.

GKR, Tala Um
Hot and fresh out the kitchen, our mate Gaukur just dropped his first track in nine months and it rules. Last year's breakout track Morgunmatur scored him all the attention in his native Reykjavik and on Tala Um he crafts his future plan, shuts down the haters and asks, 'what are you talking about?' This is just the beginning.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Make It Up As You Go Along (SALEM Remix)
Having just unknowingly released a track on Frank Ocean's Endless (he thought it was just being sampled) photographer turned musician Wolfgang is killing the music game. Taken from his Device Control EP, this SALEM remix is complemented by footage he shot of the ocean during time spent on Fire Island this summer. Dark beauty all round.

Johanna and Salka from all-female Icelandic rap crew Reykjavikurdaetur have started this awesome side project. Check out the whole EP and then meet them, along with our other favourite Icelandic hip-hop artists, here.

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